The Monkey’s Agenda.

Exploring the world… one place at a time.

The Monkey does have a social life of sorts (if you count blogging, peeling bananas, and flinging poo as a “social life”). His social life is made up of nights out at the movies, dinner with friends, trips to the theater, long drives, road trips, traveling abroad, shopping, wine tasting, visiting amusement parks, playing Bingo, gambling, physical activity, playing sick board games, and other activities noted worthy of blogging about. The Monkey’s social life is sporadic and so varied that one minute he is lounging in his PJ’s, and the next he is off with his best mates and fellow jungle friends to do something new and exciting. And, at other times, he is boring and reclusive. It is at these times that he will write about trips to Blockbuster Video or to “the backyard to kick it and play Psoi Dos”. Whatever his social or anti-social behavior may be, he will always have something to say about it. This is his agenda.

Are you down?
Not even down!

This Monkey is a real monkey (or, at the very least, “part monkey”). The Monkey’s job is to frolic through life and give honest and insightful feedback. The Monkey has chosen a rating system using bananas and poo. The Monkey hands out bananas to those activities, places, and events that are worthy of receiving them. The number of bananas received will correspond to the awesomeness of the entry, with the maximum number of bananas being 5 and the minimum being 1. And, sometimes, the Monkey will handout half a banana. The Monkey also flings poo, when absolutely necessary. If the activity, place, or event makes the Monkey unhappy, dissatisfied, or otherwise agitated, the Monkey will fling its poo and nothing can be done to avoid this.

Oh snap!

If you have an activity, place, or event that you may want to recommend for the Monkey to experience and review, please feel free to contact the Monkey directly by sending an e-mail to fated2write@yahoo.com. However, please be forewarned that the Monkey may fling poo at your suggestions if he deems them unworthy.

The Monkey’s Mission Statement:

To entertain, enrich, and enlighten readers about the various activities, places, and events that make their way onto the Monkey’s agenda and to comment about how these experiences reflect upon, influence, and/or represent the world of the past, present, and/or future.

On the real tip.


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